Metal Noam

by Avram

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With permission of Noam Chomsky: An EP recorded for the purpose of communicating Chomsky's message through metal. A Creative Commons nonprofit project; all proceeds to charity. T-shirts and vinyl are a possibility later; stay tuned for more music from AVRAM.

Catharsis PR:

"At just over 13 minutes long, the EP is cutting and thought-provoking and, above all, fun as shit. Songwriting, performances, recording… All of it rounds out a perfect, succinct statement."
- Dan Lake, Decibel Magazine

"Themed heavy metal bands are nothing new. But, in terms of sheer academic nerdiness, none of these bands come close to Avram - the new musical project based on the writings of famed linguist and leftist political thinker Noam Chomsky."
- Shayne Mathis, Metal Injection

"Vhol-y trad n’ trems with Noam Chomsky samples? Yeah, exactly that. A Witch Mountain member incites anarchy on the skins."
Invisible Oranges

"Part whimsical, part serious, this Noam Chomsky-inspired project juxtaposes speeches by the philosopher and activist with various forms of heavy music in an attempt to accentuate the message musically. And strangely, it actually works, as the Portland trio creates an effective, complementary backdrop for the soundbites rather than drowning out the spoken word with arbitrary metal racket. I’d like to hear more of this project."
-Adrien Begrand ( weekly releases section )

"A thought provoking EP that accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do. ... effectively eerie pieces that will make you wonder what exactly led up to such bold statements to the point where you not only find yourself talking about them, but also going out of your way to research the context in which these words were used, not to mention just make some solid music out of it all."
- Jason Apoch Weiss

"Bonus points for the individuality felt and found within Avram, the debut EP from a trio of Noam Chomsky enthusiasts who warmly call themselves Metal Noam. Spliced with audio bites from the world-renowned linguist and philosopher, this three-track recording is an intriguing spread of various metal influences, ranging from blackened thrash to an opaque doom metal crawl.

Chomsky’s assured timbre serves as the vocal bedrock of Avram, while a litany of effects and often dramatic riffing counterbalances the humorously affectionate tone of the band’s name. The music and the messages it ramparts have been exceptionally well-mortared, and for such a brief record, it works as an able, emotional extension of Chomsky’s ideas."
-Evan Mugford

"Avram is not the kind of politically-infused grindcore one might expect to accompany such politically-charged content. What listeners get is more like a cross-style sampler, a multi-genre extreme metal soundtrack for a few key concepts, a series of sonic juxtapositions as disparate as Chomsky's dry delivery and harsh message. Metal Noam is an intriguing and ambitious project. The dramatic and unsettling spin through black metal, not-quite-pure heavy metal, doom and everything in between feels like a confrontation with a puzzle whose solution is just out of reach."
- Laura Wiebe

"Thing is, simply because it sounds like a good idea doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to come through in the execution. But Metal Noam succeeds over the course of 13 minutes, mixing styles that create just the right tone, and leave the proper space for Chomsky’s musings without hamfistedly pummeling listeners. I think they might really care about what Chomsky has to say."
-Mark Lore

"This three track, 13 minute EP is the work of Witch Mountain drummer Nate Carson, Amanda Machina (guitar) and Darryl Moton (bass) and it goes off. ... an excellent introduction to [Chomsky's] remarkably restrained outpourings ... and all manner of topics that really deserve your consideration. The music that accompanies the sampling is also damned fine, weaving a heady mix of posturing pomp, black-ish metal overtones and everything in between - and it bloody well works. I keep coming back to this EP for all the little theremin snippets and synth work that drifts in and out of the compositions; there's always more to hear with each listen.

... solid musical treats enhanced with Chomsky's rhetoric. Open your mind and give it a go."
- Albert Petersen


released February 4, 2014

Vocals by Noam Chomsky

Billy Anderson: mixing
Justin Weis: mastering
Merlin Carson: recording/engineering
PR: Catharsis PR

Amanda Machina: Guitars, synthesizers/keyboards, theremin, background vocals

Nate Carson: Drums

Darryl Moton: Bass

Artwork by Sam Ford. Typography by Kell Dockham.




Avram Portland, Oregon

A musical project dedicated to the words and works of Noam Chomsky for the EP release "Metal Noam," and other sociopolitical metal projects in the works.

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